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How to setup iPhone tethering on Raspberry Pi

iPhone Tethering on Raspberry Pi

The instructions here are useful although the current packages in Arch and Debian repositories do not work with iOS 7 (Trust Loop Bug) but it is still a good starting point to understand how this works.

iOS 7 Support

Install libimobiledevice from latest source

In order to get iOS 7 support, we need to compile everything from source. Find the scripts for ArchLinux and Raspbian here:


Mounting your iPhone

Start usbmuxd: usbmuxd

Create a mount point: mkdir /media/iphone

Mount the device: ifuse /media/iphone

(You can unmount using umount /media/iphone)

You should now be able to view the contents of your iPhone.


At this point you should reboot so that modules and rules get loaded. After that, I gave up on ArchLinux due to issues getting actual network traffic to go across, so I can’t speak for ArchLinux from herein. However I did have success on Raspbian. You should be able to simply plug in your iPhone and see a new interface come up and be able to ping the outside world. Enjoy!